Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trying to keep up a habit

This past weekend, we painted our living room. Christy bit the bullet on her color decisions last week and invited Dad & Betty to come down for the weekend to help. That was a fiasco since Betty fell and kinda broke her thumb in the Houston airport. They landed Friday afternoon and went to the hospital directly. When i got home, Christy and Dad had already started on the walls by moving things. Christy started cutting away and Dad started rolling. When i got there, i took over for dad and we worked the rest of the evening. We painted while dad & betty watched the debate. Don't even get me started on the debate. As soon as it was over, i took the tv off the wall and we painted around it. We finished everything but a section of wall that still needed another coat, behind the tv. The next morning dad & i went to get the cars cleaned and christy and betty went shopping. Christy and I went to a baptism that afternoon, which was very good. That night we all went to Texas roadhouse to enjoy us some cinnamon butter. Dad told the waitress that it was christy's 21st birthday and they brought over a saddle for her to sit on while they sang happy birthday to her. It was hilarious. Christy vowed vengeance. Dad and betty left early sunday morning. I dont' remember much of saturday afternoon because i slept for 5 hours! It was like i was catching up on months of missed sleep. It was great. I'll have to get christy to email me some pictures of the living room so i can post them here.
Heroes was interest monday night, i'm not sure if they're heading down the same road as Lost. I hope not.

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