Monday, July 11, 2011

Using auto refresh in Chrome

I belong to an online community hosted by CA.  They recently overhauled the website and added a chat feature so you can chat with other community members.  While this is great and functions much like the facebook instant message feature, the page is set to timeout (i.e. log out the user) after 15 minutes.  The timer resets whenever i navigate to another page in the community.  However, if i just open the community page and leave for 15 minutes, i'll end up getting logged off and showing offline to the other community members.  When i was at RIM, i built a simple html based page using an inline frame and some javascript to auto refresh the iframe.  This basically refreshed the page every 5 minutes.  This worked and had to be done this way since i could only use IE.

Now that i principally access the community on my own computer, i use chrome and have found this wonderful little add in that will refresh any page for you.  It's called Auto Refresh Plus. I now have a little button i can press to display a simple clean menu.  The menu has various time options; i pick 5:00 and click start.  Now the page automatically refreshes every 5 minutes.  Woohoo!

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