Thursday, October 6, 2011

NPC Sites and Groups 7 of 7: GXMLG - Exporting the Configuration Files

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Once the sites and networks are completely configured in the tool, configuration files can be generated for NPC, NetVoyant, SuperAgent, and UCMonitor.

Before an NPC configuration XML file can be generated, the tool need s to know the path to the ‘All Sites’ group. If an XML file was imported that was exported from an existing ‘All Sites’ group, the tool extracted this information from the XML. If a CSV was imported or the Sites/Networks list was built manually within the tool, this setting must be input manually on the ‘Import’ tab of the tool.

Three other settings of importance exist on the ‘Import’ tab: NVDatasource, SADatasource, and UCMDatasource. If the values of these fields are set to ‘true’ the tool will include rules in the NPC XML for that type of datasource. The tool will also include CSV outputs for those data source types. Setting the value to anything other than ‘true’ will exclude that type of data source output.

There are two options for exporting the configuration files. On the ‘Export Config Files’ tab, the ‘Export All Config Files…’ button will prompt for a location to output the files. The tool will save the XML and CSV files in that target folder. Those files can then be imported into their corresponding products.

The other option for export is to click the individual generation buttons. These will generate the output and place it into a text box in the tool. The text could then be copied and pasted into a text editor to save the files.

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