Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disabling SuperAgent Relationship Groups

When an application is configured in SuperAgent, the application actually consists of two parts: the application configuration item itself and the servers assigned to the application.  In order to grant permissions to specific applications, administrators would need to create a group in NPC containing both the application configuration item and the servers.  The problem with this is that the group that would be created would be static; any time the application configuration changed in SuperAgent, the group would have to be updated.

The answer to this problem is a pair of group sets created by SuperAgent that contain these items.  One set contains a group for every application in SuperAgent containing the application CI and the servers assigned to it.  The other set contains a group for every server containing the server and any application CIs the server belongs to.

This worked well in the past when applications were manually configured.  This only resulted in twice as many groups as the number of applications/servers that the admin was willing to configure.  However, with the advent of automatic application discovery and configuration in SuperAgent, it is possible that the number of these groups could skyrocket.  This high number of groups can degrade the performance of NPC sync.  As a result, there is a need to disable them.  The only bad part about disabling them is that you no longer can take advantage of the dynamic groups for permissions purposes.

In order to disable these groups, you have to go to SuperAgent and execute a couple of queries.  Before executing any queries you find on the internet, you should backup your database.  There.  You have been warned.
REPLACE INTO parameter_descriptions(Parameter, Level, Type, DefaultValue, Description) VALUES ('SyncRelationshipGroups',   'ProductSync', 'boolean', 'false', 'Sends App/Svr relationship groups to the performance center'), ('SyncRelationshipsEnabled', 'ProductSync', 'boolean', 'true',  'Sends App/Svr relationship combinations to the performance center');
UPDATE parameter_descriptions SET DefaultValue = '0' WHERE Parameter IN ('pullLastFullSyncTime', 'pushLastFullSyncTime', 'pullLastIncrSyncTime', 'pushLastIncrSyncTime');
UPDATE parameter_descriptions SET DefaultValue = 'true' WHERE Parameter = 'pullForceFullSync';
After running these queries, kick off a full resync of NPC.  It may take some time for all those groups to get deleted from NPC.  I don't suggest doing this on multiple SA MCs at once.  Do them one at a time and let NPC sync with one before moving on to the next.

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