Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Using the browser view to add custom content to NPC

A while ago I started making flash videos using Camstudio as a way of teaching people how to use NPC. Camstudio outputs a swf with accompanying html to make it easy to post the video to a website. I wanted this to be added to NPC so i started using the browser view. I needed a place to post the html and swf files so that the browser view could access the files through a url. So, i went into IIS on the npc system and added a virtual directory pointing to a folder on the D: drive. I put the swf and html files into that folder and pointed the browser view to the url. It worked pretty well. Given a little skill with html, anyone could insert anything into NPC pages.
One handy way to use this would be to insert small snippets that help people understand what specific views mean, or how to use/interpret specific pages.

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