Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Windows 8 Highlights

I've been watching (mostly passively) the development and announcements around Windows 8.  Microsoft's new flagship desktop operating system will be unleashed sometime later this month.  I say unleashed, but I really should say released again since there was a developer's preview version of the operating system, a consumer preview version, and a release preview version that were released previously.  In my case, the multiple previews actually cemented a prejudice I have against MS' radical new ideas in their first iteration.  I actually downloaded and installed the developer preview and it told me everything I needed to know about Windows 8: it's the next Windows ME, or Windows Vista and I won't be rushing to it any time soon; Microsoft has tried to do something radically different, but they never get it right on the first try.  It's always the iteration afterward that hits pay-dirt (right after ME was XP and right after Vista was 7).
Either way, Michael Mace put together a great introductory video explaining what changes with this version of the operating system.  Here it is.

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