Friday, May 17, 2013

Interface Summary Table Ultimate Tweak

A while back, I did a major customization of the Top Least Interfaces Table in NPC.  This is a NetVoyant view that normally shows interface availability and utilization in and out of every interface.  There's no reason, however, that that table can't contain many more metrics.  That's essentially what I did with this customization.

In order to implement this run the following command on the NPC server:

That should do it. Now the default definition for that view should contain all the advanced metrics shown above. The view also has a new title when in the view list: "Interface Utilization Summary". The way you can know it'st he right one is by hovering over the view in the view list and it should pop up a description with my name in it.

This can also be applied directly to the NV view.  You can do it through the wizard, or just run the following command on the NV server:

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