Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dropping Dropbox and Google Drive for BTSync & a Raspberry Pi

I thought this article deserved republication, so I decided to take the easy route with today's post and just link to Jack's blog post.  In his post, Jack describes how he decided to drop his cloud file sync'ing app in favor of something run in house.  The best part about it is that it works just as well as Dropbox or Google Drive, but without putting your file on any device other than your own.  The advantage of this, as I've posted before, is that you can sync an unlimited number and size of files.

I've done something similar to this using Western Digital's My Book Live Duo.  Since the MBLD runs on Linux (Lenny Squeeze), it was pretty easy to load BTSync and fire it up.  So, my NAS participates in the synchronization of my folders from my desktop to my laptop.  So, even if my desktop is offine (or in standby) I can still sync between my laptop and my NAS (over the internet too) and when my desktop comes online it'll sync up with the NAS and laptop.

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