Saturday, January 4, 2014


One of the major pieces of the tool that I spent the last few weeks working on is the gatherer.  It's written in Visual Basic since it was the easiest thing to use without installing additional modules (like I would have had to do with Perl).  The purpose of this script is to download a file via http and save it locally.  I used a modified version of this final script in my tool.

The script must be called with 2 arguments.  The first is the name of the server to fetch from.  The second is the file to fetch.  This is a simplified version of my script.  It could be simplified further to just provide a URL instead of the two pieces.  If you want that, tell me in the comments and I'll modify it and post it.

Line 7 takes the first argument and stores it in the targetServer variable.  Lines 8-9 build the final URL to fetch.  This is where the simplification could be made to just fetch a provided URL.

Lines 10-13 actually fetch the file and echo back the response code.  Lines 14-16 check that response code for any errors and exit the script with an ERRORLEVEL of 1 if there was a problem.  The only thing this doesn't check for is 'Server not found' errors.  Maybe I'll look into that problem later.

Lines 17-32 execute if the HTTP response code doesn't indicate a problem.  Lines 18-24 get the current working directory so that the downloaded file can be saved there.  Lines 25-31 actually save the file.  The file is saved with a modified file name in the format [servername][originalfilename].

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