Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Garage Door Opener

Now that i have my own house, i'm automating it to the extreme. I've always wanted a garage door opener so i didn't have to go in and out of the front door. Parking the car in the garage is also a plus. My garage had been so full of stuff since we moved in that i couldn't really get the car in anyway, but the task weighed on my mind. The first thing i had to do was tighten the spring. This is harder than it seems and much more dangerous than you might think. The problem is that you have to tighten the spring with the door in the down position, which puts the spring in a stressed state. If you ever have to do this, let me know; i bought some steel rods that will help. Plus, it requires two people and probably two ladders to keep the cables from getting tangled up. Anyway, after i tightened the spring, the door would pretty much open itself, but it required effort to close it. That meant that i had tightened it too much and had to reverse the process a little. Not hard, just unweildy.

Gotta go, but i'll post a picture and the rest of the story later.

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