Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Month and Counting

I realized today that i only have one month until christy's birthday. I have a couple of ideas for what she wants. We'll have to see.

I'm in NYC for a few days. Actually going home today. I'm ready to be home. I haven't slept well while here. Must be something about the time zone. I took sleeping pills both days, but i must not have given it time to wear off because i've been groggy both mornings. I want to get home to the nice weather there.

The next project we did on the house was our master shower. It was a glass and aluminium shower, but the grout/caulking had mildew underneath it. Wouldn't normally be a problem except that the caulk was clear so we could see it but not clean it. So we decided to take off the caulk, clean it, and replace the grout. Well, the more we took off, the more we found that we had to take off in order to clean properly. We eventually removed the entire thing. I lost confidence that i'd be able to put it back together. So, we put it out in the garage and i went curtian rod hunting. it wasn't that easy since i had to get a curtain rod that wasn't straight but had a 90 degree bend in it. I eventually found one at Home Depot, brought it home and installed it. So we now have a curtain up instead of the glass. I don't know which i would have preferred. There's a little water escaping and getting on the sheetrock wall. We might have to put a piece of glass on the entrance step to raise it up a bit. That way, it's harder for the water to get up and over the glass to get on the wall.

I need to take more pictures and post them. I post pictures and videos and links on my facebook blog. Also, this blog is automatically imported into my facebook. So, for the latest and greatest, go to facebook. Maybe one day, this blog will finally fail and i'll go only with facebook.

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