Monday, March 10, 2014

Raspberry Pi Possible Projects

Whenever I get into a conversation with people about the RaspberryPi, the question always comes up, "What would I do with something like that?" This post answers that question. In addition to the two projects that I've already completed (PiTunes, DoPi), here are some project that I've run across that are pretty cool ideas:

  • Make your own radio station - be careful with this one; once you're transmitting beyond a particular power level (which isn't really controllable in the Pi), you're required to have a license from the FCC (even if no one else is transmitting on the same frequency).
  • Make an motion detector - this one is pretty cool since it uses Google's translate service to speak whatever text you want.
  • Get the heck outta my office device - Ok, this one actually uses an arduino, but it would be pretty easy to make something like this using the RPi. 
  • Make a simple webcam
  • Make an Apple iBeacon - I may actually integrate this into DoPi at some point so you get a push notification on your phone as you drive up to your house, prompting you to open the garage door. Otherwise, it could be used for a variety of annoying reasons (including on a convention floor to drive people to your booth...). (Alternate method)
  • Make an AirPlay receiver - an AirPlay receiver will receive a stream of music from an Apple iOS device (phone, tablet, or even iTunes on a PC/Mac) and output it to speakers. This can be handy if you ever wanted to add music to a room without major electronics.
  • Make a camera
  • Make a tablet
  • Connect your analog phones to Google Voice
Oh, and if you wanted to do something with the RPi, but found the portability an issue, there are a couple of ways to make your own battery pack (way 1, way 2).

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