Friday, May 27, 2011

Anybody bought an xbox Kinect yet?

I'm an early adopter.  I realized that earlier this year and it's made purchasing technology a lot less stressful (knowing who you are usually does that to you).  So, to fulfill some inner need to maximize my technological prowess, I purchased one of the new xbox 360s earlier this year.  I never had an xbox, I've never been a serious gamer.  Wait, i take that back; at one point i worked with a group of guys that were into soldier of fortune II.  I got into it and couldn't get enough of the rush you feel when you think you're about to be shot at any second.  I played on PC and that was good enough for me.  I even hosted LAN parties back in college (maybe someday i'll post the story of when i got pulled over going home at 3:30 am with a pickup truck full of computer equipment).  Eventually, i got a Wii.  My wife couldn't object because i got it for free with my frequent flier miles.  I didn't tell her how much i spent getting the 3 additional controllers and extra num chuk and balance board.  From the first tennis game, i realized that this was a different animal.  The fact that you were no longer interacting with the game through buttons, but through gestures was huge. 
Needless to say, i was floored when microsoft announced the kinect.   It was like someone had realized the difficult part of the wii (besides low resolution) and completely obsoleted controllers altogether.  So, of course, i immediately went out and bought an xbox.  I went ahead and got one of the new ones (only to discover later that the kinect would come out with a retrofit kit for earlier models).  I was disappointed to find out that the kinect wouldn't be out until later this year.  So, i picked up 3 controllers and no games.  Luckly a buddy of mine loaned me a slew of games because the console doesn't come with any.
So the kinect has come out and i'm curious to hear a real person's perspective after having used it.  I've read a few reviews, but they mostly seem like pre-release predictions than specific "i liked this feature" or "this feature doesn't work well" reviews.  I did find a good review at techradar (  Has anyone else had any experience with it?  Obviously, i'll be going out this weekend to get one and will post my experience here.

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