Friday, May 27, 2011

I finally broke down and got twitter

In order to start syndicating myself a bit more, i've decided to finally get a twitter account.  I held out as long as i could.  Anyway, a friend of mine from the CA Endevor community sent me a how to on connecting your blog to your twitter account.  He also sent instructions on how to connect your blog to a facebook page, but i haven't tried that yet.  Anyway, here are the instructions (i've modified them slightly based on my experience):
Assumptions: You already have a twitter account.
  1. Create a ( account.
  2. Find the API key (found on the account settings page)
  3. Create a twitterfeed ( account.
  4. Create a new feed using the RSS feed from your blog.
  5. Under advanced settings, set it to include the title only.
  6. Under advanced settings, make sure "post link" is selected.
  7. Under advanced settings, select shorten link through and use the ' settings' menu to enter your user account and the API key from step 2.
  8. Continue to step two of the feed creation and authenticate your twitter account.  This took a while because my IE settings were keeping things from happening.
  9. Once you authenticate, your account should be available in the drop down box.  Make sure it's selected and continue.
That should be it.  You should see a new post on twitter with the title and link to your blog entry (it might only include the first one in the beginning, but should include every one after that).

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