Friday, May 27, 2011

Easy to do business with

I finally figured out what has been missing since the NetQoS acquisition by CA.  One of NetQoS' vision points was to be 'easy to do business with'.  NetQoS has always manifested this vision with exceptionally easy processes.  However, since CA acquired NetQoS, doing business has been difficult and aggravating.

For example: i just changed jobs from one NetQoS customer to another.  It took a week and a half to get my email address updated so i could log into the portal again and get notifications from the message boards.  And i went to get my new company's site IDs added to my profile and nobody knew how to find all the site IDs for my new company.  After a while we did find two site IDs (why one company needs two site IDs is obviously the brain child of a non-engineer).  However, the support guy wasn't sure the site IDs he gave me were all the site IDs for my new company!

Ug, please CA: ask someone from NetQoS what it meant to be 'easy to do business with' and get your act together.  You are NOT easy to do business with.

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