Thursday, May 24, 2012

NPC and NetVoyant Web Services Gadgets

In combination with my method of inserting custom content into NPC, I've created a couple of gadgets that can be added to NPC.  These gadgets give the viewer access to the NPC and NetVoyant web services that can be used to import and export group definitions, add devices to NetVoyant for polling, delete devices from NetVoyant, and delete discovery scopes from NetVoyant.

Installation Instructions

  • You can download them here [link removed, see the Tools page].
  • Extract the zip contents to the custom content directory described here.  
  • Edit the html files to update the URL.
    • Look for the <form> tag and update the action string to point to your NPC or NV server (depending on the html file).
  • Put three browser views on a page that only NPC administrators can access.  
  • Edit the three browser views to point to the following URLs (you should probably update the view names as well and I like to hide the view border)
You should now have a page showing all the controls.  Here's what they do:


This gadget exports XML for any group in NPC.  This XML describes the group structure and defines any rules for the groups.  This can be used in conjunction with NPCGroupImport.html to modify or populate NPC groups programmatically.


This gadget imports XML into NPC to redefine groups.  This can be used to redefine groups, rules, or membership.

NVDeviceMgmt.html [this widget has been moved here]

This gadget facilitates adding and removing devices from NetVoyant.

I hope you enjoy them.  If you have any improvements, please let me know so I can update the source.

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  1. Released v1.2:
    Removed 'delete scope' (since 'delete device' does that)
    Updated versioning and about scripting.