Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recent Political Revelations

Don't worry, this isn't a post about gay marriage and I don't intend on starting an argument.  Let me be clear, I am going to try to ensure that this post isn't about either side of the argument.

That said, I would like to let people know the rules that I play by when engaging in passionate debate with others on political or religious topics.

How to Argue

  • I'm not going to argue with my good friends trying to convince them that they should think or choose one way or the other.  I'll let our democratic republic system of government determine that.  
  • I don't feel a particular need to broadcast the side of the issue on which I stand.  
  • I will not berate anyone for announcing their own position, nor will I berate anyone for trying to convince others of the reasons behind their position.  
  • I will play fair and make statements like 'I believe...' and 'I think...' instead of statements like 'It is a fact that...'.  I will not say, 'You are wrong' nor 'I am right'.
  • I will probably choose to not engage with people who try get me to contravene these rules.  If someone can't have an argument within these constraints, I don't think arguing will produce any meaningful results.
  • I will be concise and logical in my arguments.
  • I will admit I am wrong when someone points out the logic in my arguments.
  • I will allow others time to rephrase or explain their arguments if I point out a flaw in their reasoning.

So, where on the moral-issues-that-are-laws scale does gay marriage fall?  Let me give the boundaries of my moral scale: murder and coffee.  I morally believe murder is wrong and it should be outlawed.  I morally believe drinking coffee is wrong, but it should not be outlawed.  My question is not whether or not gay marriage actually is morally wrong.  My question is not really whether or not it should be outlawed because everyone is free to choose and that free will engenders disagreement.  My question is whether or not the majority of the people think it should be outlawed.  

I stand on one side of the gay marriage issue, and my conviction is such that no amount of argument will sway me.  I am open to any discussion about the issue, pending my availability after work and family responsibilities.

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