Thursday, May 31, 2012

Windows 7 Desktop Gadget for displaying NPC Views

At some point last year, I built a Windows 7 desktop gadget for displaying NPC views on the desktop.  It's a fairly simple gadget.  You set the URL you want to display (which could actually be any URL, but use the 'Generate URL' view menu option in NPC to get an NPC view URL) and the size.  The gadget will auto refresh every 60 seconds.  The settings dialog also allows simply scaling the size of the gadget.  So, if the aspect ratio is fine, but it needs to be bigger, just put a bigger number in that field.  It's just a scalar and the height and width will be multiplied by that number.

You can download the gadget here.


1 comment:

  1. Withougth these gadgets my pc look like a dull pc but after include these gadget it look like a
    latest tablets awesome and interesting . I like most when the gadget refresh after 60 second .