Monday, December 10, 2012

iOS App Review: Flashlight by Rik

I've been asked before what apps I have installed on my iPhone.  I figured I could detail which ones I use and why through my blog.  This will give me room to put my reasons for/against a certain app.  I'll try to include my overview, pros, and cons.  Here goes nothing...

Flashlight by Rik - Henri Asseily Flashlight by Rik - Henri Asseily
Summary - This turns the iPhone's camera's flash into a flashlight.  Instead of flashing on when taking a picture, this app turns on the flash continuously.
Pros - Tons of options including an option to darken the screen while in use.  When in darkened mode it shows your battery usage so you can keep an eye on things.  It includes standard flashlight functions like auto SOS message through Morse code, manual Morse code, and strobe (more just for fun).  There's also an option to control the intensity, so it can be turned down to make your battery last longer.  It's also free.
Cons - Like any other flashlight app, it will consume battery while it's on.  You can't use other apps and keep the flashlight on.  This is not unique to this flashlight app and has to do more with iOS' so called 'multitasking'.

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