Thursday, December 13, 2012

iOS App Review: Tower Madness

TowerMadness - Limbic SoftwareTowerMadness - Limbic Software

Summary - One of the most fun games I've played.  It's not that much different than other tower defense games, but consistent new maps and tower upgrades keep me coming back and playing the same parts of the game over and over.

  • New maps released somehow right after I get tired of the existing maps
  • New weapon upgrades released somehow right after I get tired of the existing weapon upgrades
  • Good graphics
  • Easy to learn
  • Endless mode allows for longer play with more money and more aliens to kill
  • Pinch/spread zoom in/out seamlessly integrates with 3D environment
  • 1x/2x/4x play modes so you can play faster

  • No 'upgrade all the way' or 'upgrade as much as I can afford' option (instead you have to go through each upgrade manually
  • No option in endless mode to send 10/50/100 waves at once (instead you have to tap the single button 10/50/100 times)
  • More maps can be bought as in app purchases - that's how they make money
  • More weapons can be bought as in app purchases
  • 8x play mode would be nice
  • My iPhone 4 slows down when more than 40 waves are present on the playing field and in 4x mode.  Doesn't seem to affect score
  • One tower has an upgrade that turns it into a Tesla Coil.  While it's a great weapon, it doesn't work against airborne enemies.  Since it's all science fiction anyway, I would prefer that this upgrade gave the tower the ability to engage airborne enemies, much like the famed Tesla Death Ray

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