Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SA Collector Feed List through ODBC

Continuing my effort to document the various ways I've used the ODBC connector for the NetQoS products, I'm going to post a couple of the queries and controls I've built and that I use in production.  Today's query comes from a need to review all the collector feeds for all the collectors on two different master consoles.  Collector feeds are configured for each collection NIC on standard collectors.  I haven't run this query on a MC with a MTP connected, but it should result in the same thing.
The query comes from three different tables and results in a list of feeds and options to edit each collector.  Unfortunately, the functionality to directly modify the feed properties within the GUI isn't present yet, but something like it should be coming soon.  Here's the SelectCommand and OdbcConnection String to put in the configuration.xml:

To create the view, run the following SQL commands against the NPC server:

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