Friday, December 14, 2012

iOS App Review: Grabatron

Grabatron - Future Games of LondonGrabatron - Future Games of London

Summary - This game has kept itself on my first page of apps for several months now.  It's a simple game where you fly a UFO by tilting the iPhone.  Tap the screen and a giant claw descends.  The goal is to grab stuff with the claw and destroy it.  Simple gamification techniques make the game easy to put down and resume later while still feeling like I've made progress.  The whole thing has a fun 1950s Aliens Attack! feel to the graphics and theme.

  • Easy to learn the mechanics of the game
  • In app upgrades can be bought with real money or crystals earned in the game
  • Crystals can also be earned by watching neatly tucked away ads
  • The object of the game is destruction!

  • Loads slowly on my iPhone4.  Once loaded, performance is fine
  • Music and sound effects were annoying at first.  Easy to disable though

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