Saturday, December 15, 2012

iOS App Review: Latitude

Google Latitude - Google, Inc.Google Latitude - Google, Inc.
Summary - This handy little app scares people who are paranoid about Google being their big brother.  I look at Google in this way: "If Google wanted any of my information, they'd get it.  So why go to the effort of hiding it?"  Latitude tracks my current GPS position and uploads it regularly to the Google cloud.  Within the app, I have a few defined friends that also use Latitude.  I choose to share my current location with them.  This means I can always check where my wife, my Dad, my brother, and my best friend are.  Hopefully the service won't be turned off without the functionality being moved into Google+.

Pros - Easy to setup, easy to add friends, quick to launch, and I always know if my parents are on their way over for a surprise visit to see the grandkids.  I can also set an option (that's disabled by default) to keep a log of my locations (instead of just my current location).  This could be useful for parents trying to keep an eye on their kids or for catching the crooks that steal your phone.

Cons - Google knows where you've been.  Not many people use it.  It's not yet integrated with Google+ (maybe someday).

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